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From Design to Delivery

Detailed Metal Stamping for Your Industry

Mac Machine & Metal Works wants to make sure all of your metal forming is done precisely, accurately, and most importantly, safely. Capable of high-volume production runs for short and long-term fabrication stamping, our state-of-the-art equipment is quite impressive. With the ability to press anywhere from 35 to 1,200 tons, we are able to not only produce quality products for a number of industries, but do it in a timely matter. This metal pressing is ideally suited for industries including automotive, appliance making, casket creation, as well as many other applications.


Unique Production Machining

Along with the many other aspects of designing dies and tooling that we concentrate in, we also are able to create a prototype to production machining. This ensures that the parts and metalwork you need manufactured are directly to your specifications. Having an archetype produced not only safeguards your application; it saves your business money in the long run. We can generate a model for many different machines, including:

• Lathes
• Wire EDM
• OKK Machining
• Grinders
• Welding