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From Design to Delivery

Special Machinery Adaption

Along with our metal stamping services, Mac Machine & Metal Work also utilizes our in-house design team as much as possible. These talented employees are known for adapting parts of a machine, making this equipment reliable, trouble-free, and operator friendly. Our technological expertise has made us a trusted resource for a range of machinery, such as small-air logic assembly and computer microprocessor controlled apparatuses, driven by servos, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

We also proudly manufacture fixtures for assembly, material handling, and production brazing applications. This includes:

• Resistance Welders
• Radiator De-Crimp Machines
Assembly Machines
• Lean Cell Layouts
• Automatic Forming & Insertion Machines
• Robotic Equipment
• Automatic Tube Nuts
• Torque Machine Automatic Torque Stations
• Casket Flanging Machines

Material Handling Systems & Equipment

To further help our customers, we also build material handling systems that move parts to and from machines. These systems can be either simple of complex, depending on your needs and the equipment used. These systems can include:

• Roller-Free Flow Conveyers
• Traditional Powered Conveyers
• Powered Conveyers Between Multiple Machines
• Weigh & Stack Fasteners Additions
• Automotive Material Processing Systems

Automatic Decrimping Machine Tooling

Automotive Material Processing System